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Heat Treatment

If you have experienced bed bugs before, then you are likely aware how much havoc they can wreak on your home and your body. If you haven't had experience with bed bugs, then there are a few things you need to know about this little insect. Bed bugs are small insects that survive by living off the blood of animals or humans. They are brownish in color and about the size of an apple seed. Once they have fed on blood, they can swell up and become more reddish in color. Bed bugs spread quickly as they move over floors, walls, and your ceiling. The female can lay several hundred eggs over her lifetime, and these eggs can be hard to detect due to the fact that they are no bigger than a speck of dust.  
Bed bugs are very good at moving around undetected; they can enter your home through luggage, furnishings, and clothing. They can fit into tiny cracks and go undetected quite easily as they breed and spread throughout your home. In fact the only way you will know you have bed bugs is by the bites they leave on your skin. Bed bugs tend to come out at night and they tend to like living in mattresses. This means that most bites will occur over night as they pierce human and animal’s skin to feed on the blood.  Bed bug bites often become itchy and swell and can last for weeks to months. If you feel that you may have bed bugs in your home, you will want to call an expert for bed bug removal.  Call Unique Pest Solutions!
When it comes to bed bug removal, it is important to have it done properly. Electric heat treatment, or propane heat treatment, is the most effective way to make sure all bed bugs and their eggs are eliminated.  Unique Pest Solutions uses electric and propane heat treatments to remove bed bugs from your home or business.

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions St. Louis MO

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions St. Louis MO

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions St. Louis MO

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions St. Louis MO

How Does Heat Treatment Work? 

Heat treatment works by literally turning your home into a sauna. We use electric heat treatments or propane heat treatments, to get your home to a temperature where bed bugs and their eggs can no longer survive. The heat works its way through your home, getting to every corner, crack, and crevice. This is important as bed bugs can hide anywhere throughout your home without being seen. Once your home is heated to a temperature range of 130 to 185 degrees, it is impossible for bed bugs and their eggs to survive.  Your home will be held at this high level of heat for an extended period of time to ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs are taken care of. Compared to other methods (such as using chemicals in your home, or steam cleaning), the heat treatment offered by Unique Pest Solutions is by far the superior way to kill bed bugs. This is simply because:

• Bed bugs cannot survive in those types of temperature extremes.
• The heat will reach every single corner of your home, unlike other products or methods.
• There is no need for coating your home in a layer of chemicals. Heat treatments by Unique Pest Solutions are effective and safe.

Why Trust Unique Pest Solutions for Bed Bug Removal? 

Unique Pest Solutions specializes in bed bug removal through electric heat treatments and propane heat treatments.  We believe that heat treatments are the most effective way to remove all bed bugs and their eggs from your home. By using heat treatment, we can avoid letting harsh chemicals into your home and guarantee that the bed bugs will be eradicated. We offer a 90 day guarantee so that you have peace of mind. We will come to your home and complete a free inspection. You can then have our one-time heat treatment without having to sign any annual or long term contracts.  
If you are looking for a bed bug removal option that can eliminate all traces of bed bugs, and ensure that your home and family remains safe, contact us today at Unique Pest Solutions.

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